Welcome To BridgeViewRegency

Bridge View Regency, a reputed landmark at 7000 ft., situated in the heart of the famous hill-station Shimla can trace back its roots to the late 1850 s - we have been serving hospitality to our customers since 1962. We are thrilled to present you an all new remodeled and elegant rooms, luxurious indoors, amidst the serene settings of the rugged mountains embracing Shimla.

The lease of the land on which Bridge view is built is dated 8th Dec. 1842 and is Singed by John c Crskine, Sub- Commissioner ,north-west Frontier , in the name Bridge view itself. The Fifty Yards of building ground comprising the estate was subject to an annual rent of company s Rs. 10/- The first owner of the property was Mr. Barrett. The Property next Passed into the possession of local merchant named Csanoolla, for Rs. 2235/- In 1870 , Mr. Patterson purchased estate for Rs. 2750/-.In 1874 it was bought by Mr. L.J. Arsthoon for Rs. 5000/- . Bridge view hotel then started in 1962.